Resonance Experiements

At first I was hoping I wouldn’t need a resonator to increase the volume of the vibrating strings. Unfortunately, the strings are barely audible on their own.


I next tried putting some found objects on the end of the string. This was still barely audible.


I then decided I really needed to study instrument acoustics a bit. In a instrument like a guitar, it seems that the main thing that vibrates is the bridge. This is a piece that the strings go across just before attaching to the guitar:

The bridge then vibrates the front side of the guitar. This pushes the air molecules inside the guitar that then bounce off the back side of the guitar.

I decided to try a small version of this. This was louder, and audible, but still not loud enough.



I’m working on a much larger version now, that more closely matches the project sketch. I’m constructing it so I can try different materials out for siding on the same frame. I will also be trying different sized bridges as well.



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