MICRO - Double Helix is a large interactive installation and an expansion of an earlier piece, MICRO. Two waves of touch interactive spheres create sound and light across the Marshall Way Bridge, over the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, AZ. People are the bonds that bring the Double Helix to life. As people touch the spheres, each sphere replies with a different sound and light (each having it's own speaker, sound, and LED within). Commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art, for Canal Convergence 2016. A Purring Tiger collaboration.

00_wide 01_entireBridge 02_sideBridge 03_twoHands 04_3kids 05_reach 06_pickMeUp 07_listening 08_posing 09_spheres 10_hiFive 12_spiralingdroplets 13_sunset 14_littleGirl 16_day_girl 15_day_2kids MICRO - Double Helix