The Magnetophone is a sound sculpture with 14 guitar strings and 14 homemade electromagnets. Continuously generative, electromagnetic fields make the strings vibrate.
MIZARU installation

MIZARU Installation:

A translation of the MIZARU performance into an Honorarium installation for Burning Man 2013. MIZARU is about life and death, and how the border between life and death exists everywhere.
MIZARU performance

MIZARU Performance:

Created in residence at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. MIZARU is a dance performance with interactive multimedia, exploring life and death, technology and the human body.
Bonnaroo 2013

Bonnaroo 2013:

Created interactive visuals for Bonnaroo's giant LED clocktower. As people pass by the tower their movements make the glowy waves undulate more. Client: Superfly Presents.
Homemade OSC Controller

Homemade OSC Controller:

A versatile performance device made with irregular curves, able to control custom written computer apps. It combines both the natural and sythetic with a maple base and a 3D printed top.


An interactive media installation with a stretched sheet of spandex that acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals and expressively play music.


A robotic glockenspiel triggered by plucking guitar strings, with beams of light projected on the strings. Each time a string is plucked a corresponding bell is struck and a beam of light flows up and down the length of the string.
Water in the Desert

Purring Tiger - Water in the Desert:

A multimedia/ dance/music performance developed in residence at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. In the performance, dancers' movements make visuals in real time, as well as creating and controlling sound. Musicians improvise along with the sounds that the dancers are creating.
NYC Music Innovators

NYC Music Innovators:

Interactive map exploring innovative NYC musicians and locations associated with them. Read about and listen to these musical greats. Client: Bloomingdale School of Music.
Street Installations

Street Installations:

A series of pop-up interactive installations in various NYC locations during the summer of 2011. Pedestrians' movements make music via webcam. Their images are projected on walls and manipulated.
Trees Were In

Picnic Lightning - Trees Were In:

Self-produced EP. Written, performed and recorded, by moi, with a few cameos from friends. The title track is an E.E. Cummings poem set to music.
Sun Moon & Stars

Elaine Summers - Sun Moon & Stars:

Helped create visuals for Elaine Summers' Sun Moon and Stars performance at Fundacao de Serralves/Museu de Arte Contemporanea in Porto, Portugal.
Flow Part 1

Flow Micro:

Create colorful particle paint splatter and music with your mouse. Originally created for the first part of Scene 7 in Water in the Desert.


Draw with particles. Click to change color. Originally created for Scene 1 of Water in the Desert.
In the performance version dancers' X Y movements are tracked and draw with the particles on screen. Their movements also trigger piano notes.


Create jagged electric lines and sparks based on mouse position. Originally created for Scene 2 of Water in the Desert, where dancer controlled sound (via Kinect), in conjunction with an overhead webcam, control the visual.


Interact with a particle storm. Originally created for Scene 6 of Water in the Desert, the storm interacts with the dancers' movements, which also control the volume of a vocalist's live multi-layered loops. The more the dancers move the more cacophonous the sound becomes.
Flow Part 2

Flow Macro:

Dancers' movements are captured by two cameras and become waves in a sphere. This is the visual for the 2nd part of Scene 7 from Water in the Desert.
Puring Tiger Vol. 1

Purring Tiger - Vol.1:

Live electro-acoustic improvisation using Pauline Oliveros' Expanded Instrument System. I improvise along with the dancer's movement generated sounds. Her image is manipulated and projected on screen.

Purring Tiger - Karura:

Live performance. Dancer's movements trigger sounds via Microsoft Kinect. The images are manipulated and projected on screen.


Two manipulations of identical footage of Kiori Kawai dancing with dolphins. The music for Solar comes from Granular entirely, just mashed up and rearranged.
Puring Tiger Logo

Purring Tiger:

A multi-cultural, multimedia, experimental performance group dedicated to bringing people together in the context of Art, in a subtext of Wonder. Co-founded with Kiori Kawai.