Health Care – Stencils, Etchings

Continuing my thread of guerilla art, I decided graffiti was the most well known and expansive type of this art. Me not having any kind of drawing skills at all was a little bit of a set back, but I thought at least I could make stencils and then paint some of those. Continuing with my story thread as well, I started asking people to give me two images: the first thing that pops into their mind when they hear the word healthcare, and the first thing they imagine when they think of someone needing treatment, but didn’t have any insurance. The two my wife gave were a mother holding a baby, and a homeless person, respectively. I searched online and found these images:

silhouette-Mother-holding-baby_MKCF_141_Parry-Sound-Photographer homeless5

Using the laser cutter I then made stencils:IMG_2498

The paintings left something to be desired though, it wasn’t exactly want I was hoping for. stencils

In order to make the original images seen better I decided to try putting a laser etched version of the picture on top of the painting. I tried etching a few different ways. It was a little bit clearer.acrylicetch



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