Patterns (maybe) & their emotional impact

Hundertwasser, ‘A New Way’ – concentric rings start large then become smaller and tighter adding tension until opening up into space at the center, and releasing tension. periodic breaks in the pattern add to the effect.

Chloroplast under a microscope – the energy is amped up on the left with a large burst and more stabilized on the right with three similar sized smaller bursts.

Sol Lewitt, ‘Wall Drawing # 232’  – visual tension increases with the addition of lines moving downward and to the right.

iOS Map Glitch – a smooth path through noisy terrain functions like light through dark clouds, but then becomes obscured by both the terrain and then the mesh glitch in the map. the tension is released when the path returns out of the glitch and is surrounded by the familiar terrain.

cotton candy under an electron microscope – starting from the left, the amount of spherical objects clumped together increase and their locations move upwards in the image. that movement then releases back down with the last sphere smeared out. the jungle of strands acts as a counterpoint to the spheres and a continual source of tension.

carina nebula as seen with visible light from the hubble space telescope – surrounded by a stable background of stars, the nebula acts as a literal large exclamation point in the image.