Genetic Algorithm Chord Progression Generator – idea

I’d like to create a plugin for DAW’s and/or an iPhone app that generates chord progressions genetically. This would start with a large database of chord progressions from all types of music that I will accumulate.


  • initial population is a random selection of progressions from the database
  • initial crossover will happen at random from initial population without fitness to generate something for the user to listen to
  • fitness will be two parts: 1.¬†user will listen and rate how the progression sounds. 2. chord progressions adhering more closely to voice leading rules will receive higher fitness
  • mutation will happen to random parts of the population with a markov chain analysis of the entire database

User Interface

  • knobs: 1. evaluating fitness, 2. changing tempo of chord progression (playback), 3. changing rhythm (playback)
  • buttons: 1. evolving to next round (will evolve only once then loop new chord progression), 2. starting over with completely new population, 3. adding current chord progression to database (database evolves too)
  • screen for feedback

Here is a quick initial UI mockup:


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