Pluto Data Structure Output

This is one possible output from running this program.


waves of energy flowing through the universe press together clouds of dust and gas

gravity forms

because of gravity the materials start to spin and flatten out

the center collapes in on itself forming a proto star

gravity in outer protoplanetary_disk pulls solar wind blown gas and dust together forming pluto

(boo yah!)



oops, not enough gravity, NOT A PLANET
(pluto’s gravitational acceleration is 0.660571 meters per second squared!)



1 pluto year is equal to 248 earth years

during that time it travels in a range from:
4.44 billon kilometers from the sun at its closest
7.38 billion kilometers from the sun at its farthest

currently it is
7.38 billion kilometers from the sun (distance psuedo random generated)

pluto’s orbital plane is at a 17 degree angle compared with the rest of the solar system



it’s really cold on pluto. depending on how far it is from the sun, pluto’s temperature ranges from a low of:
-400 Fahrenheit
to a high of:
-360 Fahrenheit

based on pluto’s current distance the temperature now is around:
-400 Fahrenheit



pluto’s atomosphere is made up of nitrogen, methane, and carbon_monoxide, and changes depending on the temperature.

currently the temperature is so low that pluto’s atmosphere froze and fell to the surface as snow.



pluto is made of about 65% rock and 35% ice.

the surface is frozen and continues to change as the temperature changes. it is comprised of mostly nitrogen ice, along with methane and carbon monoxide frost, with water ice underneath. there is potassium below the surface as well.

pluto’s mass is 1.309e+22 kilograms

pluto’s radius is 1150 kilometers (about 718 miles)

pluto’s diameter is 7222 kilometers (about 4513 miles)



potassium is radioactive, it could melt the water below the surface if there is enough of it. but there’s no ocean right now, just ICE!


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