Health Care – possible calls

For my next research project I’ve chosen health care as the topic. Two possible calls are:

  • Healthcare-Now: calling for proposals that will help promote the benefits of universal healthcare to the American public
  • Eyebeam: calling for guerilla art interventions that raise awareness of the issues surrounding the healthcare crisis (crisis defined as almost 1/3 of Americans having no, or insufficient, health insurance)

It seems like the main public I have in my mind for this project are people who are against a regulated healthcare system in the US.

2 thoughts on “Health Care – possible calls

    • i researched all the stats, made the graphs, and put the thing together. in terms of where its going i’ve moved away from these generalized stats to personal stories. i’m interested in telling the people’s history of healthcare (if howard zinn wrote one). i’ve been interviewing people in the healthcare industry asking them to tell stories. i’ve also been asking anyone i see to tell me the first image that comes to mind when they hear the word healthcare. i’m currently doing experiments with these stories, documentation on these experiments coming soon!

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