Desert Improvisation Experiments – Day 5

For our last day we decided to get up before the sun, hike in, and record dance and flute alone without the projections and sound manipulations. It was a beautiful way to end our wonderful time in a magical place.

We also captured some “singing sand” sounds by causing small avalanches to happen while walking down a soft steep dune. This is an interesting effect that happens in this desert where sand particles rub against each other and resonate at audible frequencies producing trombone like sounds:

Starting out:

Kiori hiking up with the setting moon (that’s not the sun!):

Pre, during, and post-recording, the sun is up!

Sunrise and moonset at the same time:
6_IMG_2655.JPG (12044×3784)

Dune texture:
5_IMG_2930.JPG (3024×4032)

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