openFrameworks over phone

I’m dialing into openFrameworks from a landline. My button presses on the phone are displayed on screen as confirmation.

When I call in I’m routed to an Asterisk dial plan that waits for my button presses. When a button is pressed it calls a short Ruby script that makes a post request to a url sending the number of the button. A small Sinatra app receives this number and places it into a yaml file. The Sinatra app is also receiving get requests from openFrameworks. The get route in the Sinatra app returns the last number placed in the yaml file and it’s ID. Openframeworks keeps track of the ID. If it is different then the last ID it knows it is a new number and displays the number on screen.

3 thoughts on “openFrameworks over phone

  1. Cool Project! You can also shorten your dialplan with this:
    exten => ans,1,Background(vm-enter-num-to-call)
    exten => ans,n,WaitExten(10)

    exten => _X,1,System(/home/ags419/asterisk_agi/postRequest.rb ${EXTEN})
    exten => _X,n,Goto(ags419_OFtest,ans,1)
    exten => i,1,Goto(ags419_OFtest,ans,1)
    exten => t,1,Goto(ags419_OFtest,ans,1)

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