Moshi Moshi (aka wife alert)

I have a hard time getting in touch with my wife. Usually when I call, the phone is in the other room or switched on vibrate and she hardly ever picks up. I decided to try a little more earnestly to get her attention (this may end up being really good, or really bad). I set out making what I call Moshi Moshi (Japanese for ‘hello’ on the telephone). Now, whenever I call her, our house is filled with a warm embrace of music. She also gets an email letting her know I’m trying to reach her. We’ll see how it works out…

I used Asterisk, Ruby, Sinatra, and an Arduino Due with an ethernet shield to make Moshi Moshi. When I call Kiori a Ruby script makes a post request to a Sinatra app that logs the call in a yaml file, and sends an email to her letting her know I’m calling. Every 10 seconds the Arduino is polling a web page served from the Sinatra app, which pulls data from the yaml file. If a new call comes in, a music file I created is played in our apartment from the Due (which can play audio files). There is a button on the hardware interface she can press to mute it.

moshi moshi (wife alert)
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One of the challenging parts was actually getting the audio file to play more than once on the Due (seems like it should be simple right?). I discovered if I set the pre buffering to 0 (the examples set it to 100) then it worked fine: Audio.begin(88200, 0);


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