Integrate Processing on the web

I worked with Dan Shiffman this past semester as an intern for Processing. My goal was to create documentation about various ways to integrate Processing on the web. I go over how to control a sketch from a webpage, how to control a webpage from a sketch, how to use audio and video with Processing.js, and how to port java libraries to javascript:


My name in three sans serif fonts and three serif fonts. See them all together here.


The Glockentar is an instrument I created where a robotic glockenspiel is triggered by plucking guitar strings and beams of light are projection mapped on the strings. For the project’s video I created a title where the L and the K become glockenspiel mallets and the T has guitar tuning pegs on it. In the video the title is animated.


The next two were made with Processing code taken from the Generative Gestaltung book. All the (amazing) code in that book is available here:

This is a picture of my wife and I with the words from my marriage vow as pixels. The letters are colored with the same colors from the original picture. The sizes of the letters are determined by brightness (bright is small, dark is large).